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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

snowing all day,the longest snow in the winter

last night in the cafe was merely bearable.i spent 3 hours there and should charged 5 rmb but was allowanced 1 rmb.after returned to the dorm i read awhile my blog on my pda and slept after 2 am.i dreamed played with a python and half wet dreamed.the night before the day i dreamed of one of my once qrrs colleague,lixiangjun (finding the emperor),who once was a cop worked in qrrs and lived neighborly in the dorm but later gave up his career and went to beijing,said worked there as a real estate salesman.i woke up after 10 am and got up at 10:23 am and went to see my baby at once.the snow likely continued since last night,and snowing all the day.when i arrived my baby was striding near the door in the waiting room,while the aunt and her elder son cooking.the kid son learning in the room he lived.my baby on my shoulders playing caps of bottle.the elder son want to stand on the football and fell to floor and damaged his arm.his mother accompany him to the hospital.my baby didn't want to receive his mother outside,so we stayed.his mother bought some apples and bananas.the kid son left to study.we started to eat lunch,but his mother refused to sit aside me,but on the opposing side around the table.my baby ate less.after lunch i prepared hot water for my baby to bath,but his mother opposed it.my baby soon bore into sleepiness when we watched tv.he slept soon,so did his mother.i doubting if i should went to surf,but felt dozy and later slept aside my baby.my baby first woke up.then the kid son returned.we went outside after his mother suggestion.we visited the sports yard,where we took some shots.my baby asked me to push him sitting on the ice ground to slide and later i even push him sliding with his back and head on the ice.his mother had to let her shoes repaired,so we headed.but a girl student of the school reminded my baby's mother her tutored schedule,and we returned home abrupt.at home his mother urged me to leave.i backup shots to her notebook and left.the aunt and her elder son had returned and slept together.i played my pda awhile in the dorm and had dinner.then i waited in the dorm for overnight surfing.i listened radio and dozed awhile.i departed for the cafe newly open at 8:54 pm.here i busy with finding some torrent seeds to download,now that http downloads frequently hacked by dog and can't run in windows,including 3 different av soft's definition files and some tools i needed.they also let quite some pda warez can't run on my ppc.i don't know what they intended but they had not too much options to adopt against me.
bye.i love u.in this saint snow white world.i love u with my simplicity and my soleness.kiss u with beer.

Monday, January 29, 2007

thickest snow in the winter last night,sunny day.

last night in the cafe was under pest of dog.they controlled the keyboard and the hardware package filtered the internet traffic.my ftp client can’t download even can connected to the server.i cost 3.5 rmb but with an allowance of 0.5 rmb just to post to my blogs.this night i watched the traffic monitor hardware modified my ftp client’s requests and let it bypassed downloading to finish or kill a download queue.they likely can modify files on my write-proof udisk,and let wrote it after my file operation finished.they hijacked and modified my submit package to www.diigo.com to let it batch posting err-prone.in a word,they blocked the way to the world within china,which fatally deemed them into death,or no freedom in china forever.
when i arrived the cafe, a cop in uniform sat on the nearest seat in the room and his car ported outside.what else they can do,except licking around with their dirty and infectious tongue?
last night i slept early,just after 11:47 pm.i didn’t woke up till 11 am but can’t help continuing to sleep.i got up at 2:40 pm and went to borrow pc mags.there were 3 kinds of new issue but i can only borrow 2.so i finished reading one there.then i passed the front open space of qrrs and its workers’ palace.i doubting if i should go over to see my baby so i didn’t enter it.but as soon as i picked the pc mags,i enjoyed reading them in the room all the afternoon,till dinner time.i ate 4 rmb food as my only meal today.turned back to dorm i finished reading to another pc mag.in the mid my baby’s mother buzzed in and my baby was held by his mother to the phone to talk to me.then i visited the cafe.here i tried to let ftp client download but its ill worked under hacking.the 5 cafes near the qrrs all fatally blocked me from now.my blog posts,some of them err-prone,likely under their unauthorized modifications after posted,not merely under hijack and modifications before the moment my submit package through its way out of china,the dog pest land.
bye.i love u.in this saint white world of winter snow.i love u in every piece of my message in the cyberspace.i love u with my tear and soul.kiss u with beer.

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warm winter day

last night was an enjoyable experience in the cafe.one of my neighbor left in the mid and 2 of other side slept but threats lingered on me for quite some time.my 2 sd card capable of 2 gb was stuffed and i had to ditched some ebooks downloaded.i returned to the dorm to have breakfast,then rested on bed for 2 hours.then i headed to computer market to buy myself another sd card.this time the vendors of the booth i dealt for some time all present,including the manager i earliest dealt.a 2 gb sd card cost me 135 rmb while just a month ago 1 gd sd card of the same brand of apacer cost me 115 rmb.i returned to my baby's mother's home and there i immediately sort what i got last night to hard disk.i noticed my baby and his mother not in waiting room and i thought they haunted outside but likely they slept in bedroom.i till lunch time paid attention to them after i almost finished my sorting.after lunch we played with our baby awhile in the bedroom while the aunt chatted in the other room.my baby's mother unease and frequently urged us to hang outside,but my baby refuted it.then the aunt and his eld son leaving.they three likely had slept together on the narrow bed for 3 nights,even her sister's home were spacious.soon my baby's mother decided to haunt outside.we went to a supermarket on my bike.my baby asked to stride on his own in the mansion,looking around here and there without any daunt.his mother again frequently urged to leave.my baby later touched the glass wall with his hands and 2 of his fingers bleeding.after we found it his mother complained me a lot and cold shoulders to me.on the way home we shopped in the grocer shop.his mother again and again urged me not to stay her home and sneered to me.when we just arrived the home a phone call likely from the grandma arrived and i left without farewell to my baby and his mother talking to the phone.in the dorm i tried some time on my pda then dozed.after dinner i read awhile my blogs on my pda.then my baby first acquainted me in the phone.his mother just want to square me out,to save her insult to me in the afternoon.i gladly talked with them.i also buzzed my hometown to informed my mother i had remit her 700 rmb to support her life there.i dozed till 7 pm and then i here to write u. the moon was round and large but unclear.my baby's mother told me in the afternoon the weather was turning.i love u,like the coming snow.in the supermarket a girl with a woman in front of me reminded me of u.i love u,in every corner i search for u.kiss u with deer.bye.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

bright sunny day

last night in the cafe i registered my baby and his mother another account with www.diigo.com ,for i valued it.after returned to the dorm its near 9 pm and i read the biography of philipine’s president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo till 3 am and when i laid it aside i can’t afford to miss any time i can be with my baby,my god,and felt deep sorrow for my baby and his mother.so i headed to see them.the bike area was locked and i went there via a taxi,costing me 8 rmb.when i entered the bedroom his mother was awake.i kissed my baby a lot and let him woke up and again milked to sleep.i slept aside my baby against the room the aunt lived.in the morning my baby approached me and touched my eyes but i just want to sleep.till near 9 am the breakfast almost finished my baby approached me again to let me get up to breakfast.i got up and found the grandma and his kid sister’s family there around the table.i picked the inner seat and eat.my baby soon asked for my care and i barely drank a little bowl of bean juice.even i want more the table and dishes was cleaned.then the old sisters went to shopping.the kid son went to study.our baby played with bottles of cosmetics with tap water and later was took away by his mother.lunch was cooked by the liu,the first son of the aunt.the kid son also returned.lunch was merely a dish of eggs.after lunch the liu washed dishes.my baby was held by his mother.the challenge from the liu let me dozy.then he asked me some question about customization of win xp desktop icons.my answers likely faultless and let my baby’s mother glad.when his mother started to tutor a girl student,i left to shower.i also had a haircut.on the way home i met my baby with his mother haunting out and we entered the sports yard.my baby played with 2 basketball for some time in the clusters of boy players.his mother urged to return so we did.his mother bought him a cup of ice cream and i bought him a stick of sugar gourd.they enjoyed the gourd at home.soon the old sisters returned and they busy with sorting the refrigerator,which lower closet frozen.i accept my baby’s mother’s urge to leave before dinner but his mother discussed my expense log book till dinner time.dinner was a large fish,cooked by the liu.before dinner i spent some time swiftly move my download to hard disk.then the sons went to shower.my baby and his mother lingered some time around the bed on which the aunt lean.i felt boring and intended to leave but at the time the sons returned.i lingered some time with my baby and his mother in our bedroom and i intended stayed there for the night,but his mother drove me away.in fact last night i told her i wouldn’t stay in the dorm any more.i just want spent any time of my own with my baby.but now after a night and a day i felt my baby can live well without my sorrow for him.i kissed my baby several times before leaving.the liu rightly stayed in the waiting room to watch our parting.on the way i decided to spend the overnight in the newly open cafe to surf and download.so far i found some ebook to download from ftp servers.but 0day stuff was blocked by dog.dog periodically cut off the connection to internet. bye.i love u.the biography of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo let me know life was short and tender,while responsibility was straightforward as gliding.i felt i need more mood to enjoy the passing history around me,including my beloved.love u in the sheer light.kiss u with deer.
some shot of my baby today.

Friday, January 26, 2007

dry clear sunny day

last night i merely posted to my blogs in 2 hours.my ftp client can’t connect to its servers.and dog in the last few minutes cut down all connection of the pub not to let me operate on my diigo.com web service,showing how they ruthlessly treating public interests.returned to dorm i read my blogs on my pda after 2 am.i woke up at 9:10 am and got up at 9:17 am and went to see my baby at once.my baby was striding in the waiting room near the door while his mother washing in the cooking area.when i kneeled down to receive my baby, he avoided me and retreated to the lavatory.after uncoated i held my baby in arms and he immediately asked to play with bottles of comestics and later played with tap water.her mother soon can’t bare and took him away from me.i then tried to backup her notebook’s newly installed os but she refused me by taking away the notebook.soon the eld son of the aunt arrived from his hometown.he talked loudly and soon left with the family to eat out.i suggested to my baby’s mother to eat out but she said she wouldn’t enjoy my treat.my baby sleepy and was milking.i decided to wait my baby ready for lunch.i dozed siting on the mat in the waiting room while my baby and his mother slept in the bedroom.after my baby woke up,i asked his mother’s idea about lunch but she refused.i then went to the restaurant near the railway station to buy dumpling (baizi in chinese).the process was quite long,as routine in chinese state-owned enterprise or collective company.i bought 0.6 kg,or 1.2 jin in chinese measure unit.my baby barely ate 3 bites.my tried my best to eat more.the rest was left aside.i cared awhile my baby then his mother again took him away.later she tutored the girl student.then the grandma arrived.she chatted with her kid sister’s family in the room for my baby after the later returned.i silently started to backup the os of the notebook and till they finished dinner i finished the task.the notebook likely surfed yesterday and heavily infected,resulting slow response and an 1.6 gb folder of quarantined files within the av soft.in dinner time the kid son of the aunt called me and i admitted it.my baby’s mother soon cleaned dishes.my baby finally approached me and played awhile with the notebook and shifted it to the bed the aunt occupied.he felt glad to play with the notebook till he picked the heap of my burn cds.his mother later forcefully took him away from the cds and i rushed to pack them.then i farewell to my baby.he followed his mother to the waiting room and didn’t kiss me as usual.R>that’s my day today.the sun really loveable in the morning.the moon high and clear in the mid sky after i finished my dinner in the canteen just after returned from my baby’s mother’s home.i was in a surprise to find its still at service and i partake some beer with the resting worker of the canteen.y corner u can hide from me.i love u like the most peaceful moon light in front of ur door way.kiss u with deer.i love u.: Blogroll,blogger,benzillar

Thursday, January 25, 2007

a day i didn't even observe its face.

last night i spent 3 hour at a price of 4.5 rmb to post and adding my family members blog accounts to www.diigo.com respectively.dog knowing my trying to get rid of the handicapped post2blog, which ping to technorati automatically was disabled even u can set in the setting files to default to ping ,and proxy setting of individual blog account was locked to direct connecting even u can set proxy, hacked by hacker in dog team,and www.diigo.com offer a blogs management function to batch post via its web service, totally get rid of the control of china dog in the shit stained mainland,tentatively loose its hacking last night and my posting via post2blog exceptionally succeeded to post to www.blogger.com and most of my blogs accounts.dog now hacking heavily hampering me to download post2blog and my other work.they just a prostitute in male.there r many disclose of the character of dictators,like former iraqi president and former soviet secretary general.they just bitch and prostitute in mantle of power.
last night i returned to the dorm after 1 am and read my blogs on my pda till 2 am.then i wandered in the room till 5:02 am.on bed i still felt hard to sleep but enjoyed on the bed.i heard the leaving of qrrsers.i woke up at 5:01 pm and went to dine.the canteen administrators all urged me to support my baby when he was infant.i had a 4 rmb food without any meat.after dinner i dozed on bed till after 8 pm i woke up and sometimes caught the reckons of dog and the family member of my baby's mother's.then i ported in a cafe with which i first time experience overnight surfing.
i had not too much to utter now.i need some additional time to reinforce my cyber existence on web services.bye.i love u.every time i caught mind of u.kiss u with tear.love u on the sea bed with blue water.kiss u.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

bright sunny day

last night i spent 4 rmb to post and register my baby and his mother their accounts with www.diigo.com .i read in dorm till 2:41 am and finished "from vietnam to 9.11:on the front line of national security" and some of "thinking on the web".in the dawn i dreamed again i held my baby alone and left him with my absence for some time and when his mother found him his body covered with some swells.i faced the accuse of ignoring and i tried to settle with god’s care and tested it with my ears but just woke up by babbles from the female administrators in the corridor.so i hurried up to see my baby and found he was in the close arms of the aunt who watching tv with his kid son.my baby almost immediately asked for my cares.he immediately asked to play with the shampoo newly bought by the aunt.the kid son was in a fuss and attempted to take away the shampoo several times.my baby later played with water in the lavatory and the aunt finally took away the bottle of shampoo.then i bathed my baby.this time i finished bathing my baby on my own and my baby played with bailing out water from the basin to floor without any notice of water projecting onto his head.i wrapped him with his towel and later put on him.after lunch i started to burn 3 pirate os onto cds.his mother soon left for her school.i sang a lot with my baby on my shoulders and the kid son learning in the waiting room.i against my baby’s mother’s warn started to reinstall os of the pc and the notebook and tried to reinforce the security settings and backup them.the grandma and her sister went to shower.i didn’t finish my work till 8 pm and missed the dinner,even my baby called me for quite sometimes.i just want to let pc busy so as let me had free time to eat my dinner.my baby was forced to challenge their side watch with his brave deeds.he also attempted to use the computers for several times but mostly held aside by his mother.when i finished my work on pc and read to eat my dinner, his mother,who was tutoring a boy student first time,cursed me for i let her ms powerpoint missing and can’t open some ppts.i finally lost temper and beat her.the boy student left, and the aunt and her son mingled in the mid and i almost threatened the kid son when he attempted to stop me.my baby cried loudly but later slept on my shoulders.when the aunt and her son let my baby’s mother into their room and lock the door i kicked the door and let it broke down to the floor and scattered the glass.when my baby woke up i open the window on balcony and talked to him and sang for him.after shift my baby to his mother with milk she just bought,i left for dinner and kiss my baby.taurant near the dorm i turned talkative and shown my pda to the boss couples.then i was here writing to u.
its not a bad day today.i just sorry for my baby for i didn’t accompany him more time.i love him exceed what can expressed in words.i love u.with my tear and beer.i love u from the heaven.kiss u with fragrance.bye.P>
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

yesterday was a sunny day.today the sunshine is enviably bright

last posting in the cafe i with a member card was painful.dog block most of proxies and interacted with me in the process i switched proxies.i finally gave up to post to my googlegroup at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/benzyrnill and clipmarks at http://clipmarks.com/clipper/benzillar after 2 hours,in which half and an hour spent posting times and times failed.returned to the dorm i read "from vietnam war to 9.11: on the front line of state security" till 2 pm,then i read awhile my blogs on my pda.i went to bed after 3 am.i felt agile even on bed and in a dream or in reality i watched the dawn sunshine on the curtain of the window.i also dreamed doing homework with one of my childhood friend in my hometown overnight in a empty building.i dreamed luxun,the notable modern chinese literature author whose real name was zhoushuren,taught us in a narrow classroom.he wore t-shirt and sometimes bared his chest.i got up at 11:37 am and left to see my baby at once.my baby just walking near the door when i arrived and held him till his mother and the aunt finished their lunch with mutton with vegetable.when i started to eat,the mutton was few and i ate some rice with pickle.his mother demanded me swallowing the soup and i rebuked,against her sneer.then his mother suggested haunted outside with our baby.we went to the supermarket near qrrs.we haunted awhile then entered the adjoin kfc.his mother wanted to buy 3 kind of food but only got 2.i bought a hamburger with my own purse to feed myself.my baby glad there and lean himself on the back of the chair for kid.after returned home,his mother want him to sleep and i also dozed awhile but they gave up sleeping soon,left me alone for some time.after woke up i launched to reinstall his mother's notebook's win xp,as her current one was hacked to unable to connect to internet.the os i got several days ago trickily,let me failed many times to install from hard disk,for there were not blank cds to burn the cd image onto cd.my baby wanted to watched me for sometimes but carefully held aside by his mother,who turned more and more impatient with me.my baby even cried when he attempted to push the power bottom while the ghosting process running and i stopped him.i finally gave up after 10 pm.at the time my baby busy with stack books from the cabin and stood onto it and stepped down and laughed a lot.his mother with the kid son of the aunt watched tv aside.the aunt previously watching but now close herself in door.i held my baby played awhile then uncoated him and he accepted to play with his mother and ready to milk.i left them when my baby likely to be fed and slept.in the dorm i read "from vietnam war to 9.11" till 4:01 am and left only a chapter on 9.11 to be finished tonight.i enjoyed the updated information on the development of tactics and air power of modern war.i got up at 2:07 pm and want to blog.on the way i bought 5 blank cd at a cost of 6 rmb.the cafe with which i had a member card was stuffed so i returned to a cafe nearer to dorm zone.the stuffed cafe really indicated the abound idle young men.
bye.i love u.day and day i counted ur steps apart from me.i need u,no matter how far the distance was.kiss u with tear.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

2 sunny days

the night i got what i needed.i walked to my baby’s mother’s home in the dawn.my baby and his mother just got up.i asked for porridge and his mother cooked for me then left to shower.soon the aunt got up.i murmured to my baby how tasty a breakfast with porridge and pickle can be.my baby ate some porridge first but frequently asked to idle awhile.later i ate 2 bowls of porridge and ate out of what his mother cooked.the aunt cooked some other porridge for herself and her son.my baby’s mother returned with bean juice and pies.i sang and recite chinese traditional poems a lot.my baby slept for about 40 minutes.then we went to receive his mother.i ate an ice cream on the way.the door of the school open so we entered.we roamed in the yard for some time.then the students left.finally his mother appeared with her notebook and we returned.after lunch i dozed.when i woke up finding my baby and his mother and the kid sister of the aunt absent at home i started to sort my downloads last night and backup them to my mobile hard disk.dog let the virus definition file of norton av ill working and they likely infected all files i got,but i didn’t mind them,virus and spyware just no way to escape av soft’s chase after time.after my baby returned with his mother i cared him playing.his mother left soon again.when the grandma arrived i started to transfer my browser’s working environment to my baby’s mother’s notebook,to let her adopt the convenience of bookmarks and addons of firefox.backup and migration of her old cookies and remembered password on her notebook to the firefox portable costing me the rest time of the afternoon till dinner,and finally password book within firefox incompatible with firefox portable and i had to give up migrating memoried password .dinner was dumplines.after dinner i went to shower,there only me washing,but the man served there to clean bathers’ body clean himself side me near and let me felt cold.when i returned home my baby and his mother stayed on the bed the aunt occupied.my baby played with the kid son and sat on the back of the kid son who laid himself face down.i felt sleepy and returned.his mother let me fetched 3 oranges and 2 apples.in dorm room i dozed an hour then went to sleep around 11 pm.when i arrived the dorm the rat in my neighbor room just met me in front of his room.i woke up after 1 pm and got up at 1:52 pm.i roamed in sunshine in the open space near the front gate of qrrs,then explored the newly built qrrs’ residential zone,where it just separated itself from flat houses area.i got a view how city residents in old time can be poor except the land they occupied before technology made building house so easy.i returned to dorm after 3 pm and started to read the ebook titled "from vietnam to 9.11:front line of terrorism" till dinner time.the canteen shut,so i had to eat my dinner in the near pub,at a price of 5 rmb.i ate an apple after dinner and headed here the cafe with it i had a member card.
in the afternoon before i got up i reviewed my love to u and my future with u.i don’t know where u r and how u think of me,i m in need of u.god sure guiding us front the upside.
bye.i love u.kiss u with tear.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

sunny day

last night i spent 4.5 rmb to blog and download a bit broken warez.when i arrived the dorm the rat of neighbor just met me in the corridor,again an covert scene to inform me dog's surveillance.i read "from vietnam to 9.11:front line of terrorism" after washed till 2 am.then i skimmed awhile the chinese version of "Hundejahre",by Günter Wilhelm Grass.i rested after 3:17 am.rotten rat attacked first when i started to read,let my wrest painful and cold.however,i slept sound and woke up lately till phone call from my baby's mother arrived.she let me know her notebook finished downloading the warez she helped me to get from the internet access of her school.i continued to sleep till after 3 pm i got up.i intended to borrow pc magz but the librarian told me in the phone no new issues available.i then visited my baby.his mother leaving,met me in the entrance of the residential building.i then found the ftp download list finished but only a little warez left on the hard disk while the 2 os i needed all gone with wind,deleted by invading hand into the notebook or modified the download list not to let the ftp client to download at all.my baby messed a heap of changes his mother piled on the bed and later bumped on the notebook and tear the cdrom.the grandma watched aside and babbled.i finally lost temper and beat his bottom and he cried seriously and soon slept in the arms of the grandma.then his mother returned and shifted our baby to bed.she dumbfound the trick dog played on her notebook but can't bare my scorns onto dog and let me stop.then she tutored 2 girl students while i laid myself aside my baby dozed.after my baby woke up i held him played.at dinner i ate 3 bowl of rice.we lingered in the room the kid sister occupied then i watched tv news.then we shifted to our bedroom and my baby was milked by his mother and calmed down.but the kid sister and her son turned tv and watched.my baby turned agile and played lately.he drove his bike,fed with seedings,laughed with his mother's tease.i later started to doubting where to download the warez i want.i left after 9:30 pm without my bike and gloves.i intended to spend overnight in a nearby cafe but i was told the usb was unavailable.so i walked to the newly open cafe in the mid between the dorm and the house of my baby's mother's.lcd was not available.a neighbor challenged me then left.my download started.my browser,firefox with some addons,modified unauthorizedly within compression archive on the notebook of my baby's mother even i always finished my operation as swift as possible.
bye.i love u.my baby's mother dragged me to force me to leave when i started to sing after dinner and warned me of file for divorce,but i didn't reply.i don't hesitate to live with u.kiss u with beer.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

2007.1.17:snow last night,bright sunny day.today full sunny

the night i tried to find free internet fax failed in the cafe i now again blogging.after returned to dorm i felt i can try more,so i headed to the newly open cafe near 12 pm.there is only a vacant seat who front usb disabled.i waited for some time till a guy wandered around and suggested my played awhile on his pc upon my asking for change seat with him.later he changed seat with me and soon the neighbor seat changed a guy and i under strongest attack i ever experienced.till 4 am they lost their energy and i enjoyed more on my work.i finally find a site offering email to fax and whose service covering china.i tried to fax with a picture twice.i also adding some ftp servers to my ftp client and found one of them very handy.when i left i felt glad with stuffed warez.after breakfast i decided to see my baby,by the way to sort warez on my pc.on the way i haunted the cafe again to finish a pirate os half downloaded.i faxed again but when i arrived my baby’s mother’s home i was told by the kid sister her relatives didn’t receive any fax so far.the reason likely the fax number i filled in not correct,and i will tried tonight,even the kid sister needn’t it any more for she had resolved her problem by other way.the morning i sang a lot and my baby slept in my songs.we didn’t go out to receive his mother.after lunch his mother tutored the 2 girl students and i dozed awhile.after i woke up i cared my baby and exchanged some words with the girl students.all went like usual but near 8 pm when i intended to left,i felt strong faint and can’t leave.i rest on bed for some time but still can’t feel sure to return to the dorm independently.so i slept the night in my baby’s mother’s home.the night was not so peace for me.i felt the the spy of neighbor and had to fight against it.my baby woke up with his mother in early morning and i got up to care him after his mother left to attend teachers’ exam.later the kid sister got up with her son.breakfast was porridge with pie and i enjoyed it very much.my baby ate a lot of pickles.then again i sang a lot and my baby slept in my songs for about 45 minutes.then we went out to receive his mother.we ate an ice cream and entered the school yard.we ventured the teaching building.then his mother found us.she in fact didn’t take exam in the school.she returned home and fetch us .lunch i ate less,for still disconfortable.i dozed again at noon while my baby was cared by his mother.after i woke up his mother tutoring the son of her colleague.then we held our baby outside to deposit for him.my baby insisted walking his own and fell sometimes.later the grandma arrived when my baby’s mother tutored 2 girl students.my baby cried a lot in front of the girl students and later was sent to sleep by his mother.dinner i talked about web service and cyberspace with my baby’s mother a lot on the table,let the rest dumbfound.my baby’s mother more or less persuaded by me,but later we triple went to the room the kid sister and her son occupied and watched Korean movie on the notebook.i held my baby returning to the bedroom to play,and till my baby’s nose bumped on the rim of the window and cried,his mother returned to bedroom and played with my baby.my baby was especially agile after enough sleep.i left on 9 pm and ported on the way to blog.
these days not too bad for me.i m in the pursuit of u and even more eager to know ur scent.kiss u with tear.i love u.in every restless moment.bye.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

extroadinary sunny day.

last night i spent 4.5 yuan to post to blog.dog hacked heavily hampering me from getting my blog backup with blogwriter.when i left the cafe its already near 12 am.i then enjoying reading my family album on my pda.then i read autobiography of germany chancerllor Angela Merkel till 3:33 am.i got up at 11:21 am and went to see my baby at once.his mother had returned from her school and be free in the afternoon.i played with my baby awhile then started to sort my pda,shifting my backups to pc and tried again to restore orneta reader mobile from mobile disk to my pda.an ebook entitled "terrorism on front line: from vietnam war to 9.11" losing its words break in teamone reader while yesterday i found a fresh copy working without any problem,so i tried to restore it but dog’s close monitor infected and destroyed my operation.i also sort my all downloading to backup disk.my baby’s mother almost lost her temper,complaining my busy with pc these days there.i then cared my baby,feeding him with juice and sang a lot.time swift,then his mother tried to sleep.so i held my baby haunted outside.we first visited the sports yard.my baby watched awhile basketball players.then we passed the skate ground to a supermarket titled "kang le fu(health merry wellbeing)",as i refered once in my blog.the saleswoman asked to hold my baby and my baby accepted but later he cried for me.i bought him candy,jelly,seeding,ice cream.on the way home he asked to visit a grocer market and i bought some pine nuts.the 2 pork vendors talked with me.when we arrived the kid sister of my baby’s mother there.i let my baby eat the food we just bought.my baby asked to play with the cell phone of the kid sister of his mother and his aunt want to take it back.his mother want to let him give it up but he refused.i beat my baby on his right leg for he wrongly attracted by the evil.he cried and his mother held him into bedroom and i went there again beat him on his bottom.he cried again but soon he asked for my caress with peace.there r 2 girl students there tutored,with the kid brother of my baby’s mother’s aunt.my baby started to play happily around the waiting room,sometimes around the 2 girl students.the kid sister of his mother started to eat at waiting room with a stool,then soon left after answered a call.dinner was remnants of yesterday’s,they called me yesterday in the afternoon to go over to attend a ceremony for the birthday of the kid sister of my baby’s mother and the kid son of his mother’s aunt but i didn’t received.after dinner we played with my baby.then the kid sister asked to fax her national id card to her home.so i suggested send via web and we busy with capture and processed it on the notebook.the kid sister urged her son to learn pc.my baby slept in the mid.his mother glad to let me demonstrate my skill on pc. that’s my happy day today.free fax online mostly only support text message and i likely had to spend more time to find a solution to fax photo.i love u.kiss u with beer.bye.
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Monday, January 15, 2007

bright sunny day

last night i spent 3.5 rmb just to post to my blogs.in the dorm i played with my pda for some time.later skimmed some ebooks.i went to bed after 2:40 am.i got up at 2:07 pm and immediately found the sunshine too bright to miss.i went to the library at once,there i read some mags not to lend.the librarian treated me a bit colder,and refused to let me know when she will fetch mags newly arrived.when i almost finished reading,2 guys arrived.i then went to newspaper reading room.but the performance of beijing opera in nearby room too appealing to miss,so i went there first.but an old man sang in female role again just after i sat and prepared my ears.after the man finished another old man sang,then the rehearsal finished.there r 3 or 4 men there reading newspaper.i only read some picturials.returned to dorm,i listened music radio on bed.the live topic was "ongoing love" and i felt i was sharing the moment with u.dinner i asked for additional food,for its my only meal today.the cook at service to sell food,but on the other side of the stool the administrator of family name sun(grandson) in chinese actively directed the cook what to offer to me and i had to refuse the nasty belly of what the sun claimed of sheep.i enjoyed my dinner.after dinner i on bed sorting my sd card of my pda.last night i forgot to lock it from write and dog nearby immediately found it and modified files on it,esp. let the ebook titled "terrorism on front line from vietnam to 9.11" or about so ill layouted in teamone reader.they recently aimed to the ebook and modified it for several times after i restored it again and again.their secret was just narrow in a tiny box,shortly preventing common people knowing.their dirty trick just like dirty snow melt quick in sunshine in day time.i backup my pda os for 3 times,and finished it at 8:21 pm.then i here the cafe i with a member card to blog.my last time deposit,as i can remember,should be 14 rmb while the clerk woman told me its now left 9 rmb. i knew my pda more or less infected by virus or spywares,however,the warez i needed working,so i felt glad to finish a new backup after all.i found a lot of interesting ebooks from western authors but quite sometimes can’t linger on them too much time. bye.i love u.in these days of search and wait.i love u,like snow cap of the everest mount,hard to live with the heat from our structural contacts and twist.kiss u with beer.i love u.
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

grand sunny day

last night i spent  3.5 rmb just to post.after returned to dorm its already after 0 am.i tried teamone reader and enjoyed its versatile documents support.i read "a confession",of an christian classic,after 3 am.in the dawn i dreamed a lot about if i should adopting a software entitled ’power shadow’,which functioned as a temporary os while the real os kept intact after reboot,detailedly.that echoes last night i got a view of dog’s plot to join the kid sister of my baby’s mother to try to capsule our raising into their obligation of their gangsters’ protect.they,dog,rightly the just cause of threats my family encountered,but they tried to guise it with their faked divided gangsters’ interest.my kingdom of 1109 years exists with no relation with any men,my royal under god’s care takes no one deal with anyone.
i got up at 11:47 am,and i ate my lunch at once.then doubting if i should visit my baby.i lingered awhile on bed skimmed my pda,then dozed.i went to see my baby about 1:30 pm.when i upstairs i heard my baby’s cries in the corridor and found he was in the arms of the kid sister outside of his mother’s home.my baby in my arms asked to return home.then we played around.his mother tutoring a girl student with the kid brother of the kid sister.we ate the remnent of the huge orange.when his mother asked to care my baby,i started to finally touched my pda in the aim to backup it after last time backup had being relied for several months and this time with some new warez.the grandma soon arrived and chatted with her kid sister privately.my operation on the pc in the room obviously inconvenienced them.my baby bumped my pda two times onto floor.after dinner the kid son likely felt gloomy and slept early.her mother asked me how to let some multimedia copied directly from cd to hard disk correctly run.i tried first to modify its page source then suggested rebuild its iso from copied contents.my baby had bored into sleep in advance.when i shifted to bedroom to watch my baby while his mother trying the ultraiso,my baby woke up and asked to play with the notebook.his mother tried to pacify him.i had an idea to shift stuff from my old sd card whose write-proof button tending to break,to the new sd card.it cost me about half an hour and my baby’s energetic let his mother anger with me.i later held my baby play around while his mother annoyed and slept alone.we ate orange and haunted the room where the kid brother learning.his mother got up and throw my coat outside of the door and demanded my leaving.my baby turned peacefully played with my udisks and some utilities i always brought with me.when his mother again milked him and i thought maybe my absence help my baby less agile,i left.
its a nice day.the sunshine at noon so beautiful that let me felt guilty not to shine my baby outside.but i really didn’t find any interesting activities outdoors.the backup of my pda was splendidly successful.i likely will enjoy more reading in the night hence after.
bye.i love u.no more no less.kiss u with bright.kiss u like in the flavor of hot pepper.i love u.Technorati Tags:

Saturday, January 13, 2007

sunny day

last night i spent 2 more hours just to post my blog,hacking let it problematic.in the dorm room i read my blog on my pda till 3:13 am.rat in neighbor room first mute then turned on tv and later again silent.i dreamed in dawn a woman creates a kind of characters,or a kind of language,and tried all her means to promoted it.in a printed demonstration i read it rewrite a chinese traditional poem ’heng kang cheng ling ce cheng feng,yuan jin gao di guo bu tong(likes lofty mountain from the side view while likes mountains from front view,different scenes from different distance and height views)’ in its characters.their house was in a rainy mountain village.i woke up after 2 pm and got up at 2:48 pm.then i wandered awhile in the garden of the dorm zone then visited a cross near the main street of qrrs where sunshine was still bright on the road.after sucked enough sunshine,i returned to dorm.i listened to the radio till 4:30 pm.then i ate my only meal today,with 4 rmb for additional food.rested on bed for a while,then i went to see my baby.the kid sister of my baby’s mother there,with her mother.she,the prostitute,again laid herself on the bed and crawled around like a sex toy,while her mother stood aside,teasing my baby.i then sorted bathing tools intending to shower in common bathroom.my baby insisted played with the soup.when i left they started their dinner.when i returned the prostitute and her mother left,and the dinner also finished.i cared my baby awhile then i told my baby’s mother i needed a quarter to operate on pc with my pda.she urged me started at once.so i used the pc.my baby and his mother played on the bed where the kid sister of his mother’s aunt laid herself on and reading.my baby haunted me for sometimes but was held away by his mother.when his mother can’t hold him calm,i finished my work and started to play with them on the bed with the kid sister,who exerting her will to let my baby restless and later asked his mother’s milk.his mother milked aside the kid sister,who kid son watching tv in the waiting room.after we couples shifted our baby to waiting room and eating some fruits,the kid sister also watched tv in waiting room.they watch an old war theme tv series movies titled ’liangjian(show ur sword)’.my baby was bored and milked.i waited he fell into sleep.after his mother shift him to his cradle,i stood aside the cradle and again felt strong dirty will from the southern neighbor.his mother urged my leaving.so i left after i felt enough.returned to dorm i tried awhile team one reader and found it can read pdf files well and let me glad.
its not a bad day today.last night when i read my blog i found a lot of plots happened.but god let me still slept sound.in the afternoon,a song from radio told me u want to be assured by me i love u.i do love u.here and there,now and then.kiss u with beer.feel u with winds.bye.i love u.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

two sunny days.

the night in the newly open cafe was almost endurable,even dog frequently delete my ftp download list and make files within a remote folder less in local folder after download finished,by modifying my ftp clients downloading list on the fly or deleted downloaded files on my hard disk,or cheat the ftp protocol and let downloading broke.however i got some pda warez from pda forums.gangsters around me rabbled for quite some times but later they lost their engergy.later also arrived another group of gangsters,including middle aged,they can be cop in guise.they left about 6 am and then my neighbor seats turned empty and some far seated player slept.on the way to dorm i felt in right spirit.the administrators of the canteen all claimed i turning slimmer,the female admin even warned me that i shouldn’t leave the world before my baby independent in the world.i knew last night i was encountered by violent threats.i asked for addition porridge at a price of 2 rmb.returned to dorm i just watched if my sd card was sound for in the last minute before the cafe locked the pc i was copying.my files copied all existed on the sd card,so i launched to see my baby at once.my baby was slept when i arrived.so i started to sort my downloadings.before i almost finished my work my baby cried and the kid son of the kid sister of my baby’s aunt went to hold him up.then my baby saw me in front of the pc and asked for my caress.i held him wander a moment then i told him i just need some extra minutes to finish and tried to lay him aside.he cried at once.so i picked him up again.later he let me finished my work swiftly.i sang a lot to fight against the challenges around.then he slept near 10 am and slept for an hour.her mother returned before we left to receive her.at lunch i was open and commented that the cook was poor.after lunch my baby asked to haunted outside.so i held him to the cult dragon supermarket.we picked goods then waited his mother to arrive as she asked.i bought my baby some milk candy against her opposing.then we went to the sports yard.i pushed my baby sliding on the ice ground with feet,with his back,with his bottom,all tries let my baby happily.a little boy about 4 or 5 years old can skate kept babbled with us and refused my offer of a candy.he likely from a islamic family.then we sent his mother to her school and his mother insisted standing along the way in sunshine.we met some of her colleagues and most of them were friendly to us.his mother insisted sending us back to home.then my baby was milked by his mother and slept.so did his mother.and i dozed aside.after his mother left,i wondered aside my baby.my baby woke up when i started to review the son of my kid brother,who let my baby in his life on earth first time encountered cold just after my kid brother’s family with my elder sister arrived,and my baby was medically treated by his mother,at the time when i was trapped in the asylum the third time in my life,and the second time in qiqihar.then i held my baby playing with what he liked.later i sang a lot,just felt challenged and joyful in my own.his mother returned home earlier than usual,just after a meeting as she said.then she tutored a girl student.lunch was rich with a dish of fried fish and a dish of pork with Garlic bolt,and a soup with tomato.we all enjoyed the fish.after dinner my baby and his mother lingered quite some time in the room the kid sister and her kid son now lived.my baby insisted played with notes of the kid son but he refused.then my baby’s mother read the note as homework.the air turned thick dirty so i left the room and meandered in the waiting room.soon his mother left to see me and asked why i don’t leave.i replied i want to see my baby slept.then my baby asked for my cares.in the time i started to review fathership and parentship.his mother tried to milk him and let him sleep,but my baby insisted to play.so i held him to play cooking utilities and flavor powder.he slept when his mother secondly forcefully milked him to sleep.i left after 8 pm and on the way felt freely to think in my way toward my destiny.
in the dorm i wondered after 11 pm,tried some pda warez i just got.i slept sound in the night but in the morning my sleep was unstable.i got up at 2:11 pm.then i was surrounded by nomen about my baby.i decided to get rid of it and went to renew my borrowed magz.there is no new issues there,so i read some new magz don’t lend.the woman librarian let my nose running.then i passed the workers’ palace but left to dorm when my pda told me its near 4 pm.i headed to see my baby at once.on the way 2 taxi challenged me.my baby was in her mother’s arms when i arrived.and his mother started to milk him and want to let him sleep.then 2 girl students arrived.i held my baby eating pine nuts,kidding the girl students,and sang.dinner was again rich with two dishes.but i just before dinner started to operated on pc and when i finished it the kid sister with her son finished their dinner.that’s my only meal today.after dinner my baby again don’t want to sleep and insisted throw slippers onto the head of the kid son of his mother’s aunt.the kid son didn’t show reservation and thrown the shoes far away quite sometimes.when my baby slept with his mother,i first stood then kneel then sat in front of his cradle to prevent neighbor’s threats.i did felt the threat and fought against it for some time.threats from the upper floor and lower floor ,whose own was in family name of liu,an officer of city management bureau,with whom we dealt once for my family’s tap water forgot to lock and leaking water spoilt onto his newly furnished floor and we spent for the damage for 3000 rmb and more,in their claim of favorite price.threats also came from the neighbor on the south direction,who had challenged me for a long time before i fell into asylum third time.the family likely a high rank of cadre,esp. secret cop.it monitored me for quite some time,in very late night.it also hacked my pc for a long time.i later some time before i left my baby’s mother’s home with only an underwear in rain on the day i was sent to asylum found its evil.its doomed to death,on the day we say.its a theft and a slaughter.its just an blocking stone on the way of our raising,like god’s all training in front of us.my baby and his mother slept very sound and snored.when the challenges from the room of the kid sister woke my baby up,my baby kissed me when he was held to urine and returned to bed and found me with his mother.his mother constantly demanded my leaving,before she slept.my baby then asked my holding him to the room where the kid sister slept and fetched a picture of the son of my kid brother.his mother fetched him and tried to let him sleep with milk.i left when its 8:53 or later.the kid son of the kid sister had been watching tv so far.
i wrote my blog in a nearby cafe near qrrs, but far than starsea.some dubious men lingered around me.they r just barking upon me to try to coward me.god knows who they r and where they will went.i won’t linger in cafe overnight these days now that dog let my downloading problematically.
bye.i love u.near and far.i sometimes besieged by the sense of ur hostility toward me,but i know that’s not real.dog tried all means to separate us but they doomed to fail.i love u,like sunshine,like rain in spring field.kiss u with beer.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

bright sunny day yesterday,sunny today

last night dog bit heavily in the cafe very jammed and its front usb port was disabled.however i got my sd card full.dog blocked my getting softimage from the ftp server.it also tempered me getting another pdf reader,after i tried 3 copy of it all ill working.at dawn on the way to the dorm i felt glad.after breakfast with which i ate an egg and some extra porridge at a price of 2 rmb,i sorted downloadings on my sd card and immediately shifted some programs to my pda,risking wireless hack nearby.i didn't doze at all and visited my baby at once.my baby fetched me my slippers to reward my earlier visit and i held him in arms without uncoated.later his mother told me he recently suffer choked sleeps and worked sometimes in dreams in nights.the sunshine was quite bright outside and on the wall indoor,like a spring sunshine.i sang a lot with my baby on my shoulders.the kid son of the kid sister watched tv with volume high.later i open the window on the balcony and sang loudly against the noise produced by a working drill in the nearby factory,till my baby shift me about to shut the window.we left to receive his mother after 11 am.i bought an ice cream on the way.my baby insisted holding the stick of the ice cream himself.his mother glad to see us.after lunch i started to sort and shift downloadings to pc.the kid sister and her son chatted on the bed nearby and sometimes my baby joined them with his mother.when his mother leaving i halt my work and saw her leaving with my baby.in the afternoon,i again sang a lot,in high spirit.i held my baby a shower,as i was told he didn't have bath since suffering cold and when i urged his mother to bath him she refuted me several times.my baby a little bit sleepy and felt anxious to water covering on his head.i hugged him when he needed.the kid sister first kept watching,then hurried to mop my baby's eyes with her towel while i thought its better to let my baby see its safe with water covering head and face.after putting my baby an suit of underwares i wrapped him in thick quilt and he soon slept.he slept for more than an hour in my arms.i saw his nose was clean and his breath was smooth.near 4 am he woke up and asked to see the grandma arrived for awhile and busying in the lavatory.so i shifted my baby to his grandma and started to copy my backup of my pda os including orneta reader mobile to my sd card from my mobile hard disk,before we going out to receive his mother.just in a few minutes i sensed dog controlled my pc via wireless gadget i didn't recognized within my pc and infected my pc and my mobile disk.his mother returned some minutes earlier,before we launched.she bought again a huge orange and in high spirit.she let my baby hanged it to my front to let me praise my baby and the orange.the dinner ready.my baby was let to urge me to eat and he did well with his rabbles.i tried in hurry the reader mobile and found its yet ill working,likely i had to endure its being handicapped for some time or ditched it with alternative readers.dinner was mutton with vegetable.the grandma or with her kid sister dirty me and let me in solitude.after dinner my baby's mother asked me to leave with her for a short trip on the way to her mother's home to fetch some books.so we headed.her mother left in advance.i told her about the hacking of cop onto my surf and we departed near the cross heading different directions.in the dorm i again felt doze among threats and loathed to blog outside nearby.near 11 pm i turned clear mindedly and wandered in room wondering the blond,jamie,about my longing for her,till 0 am.i then wondered my situation.i prepared to sleep when its 1:03 am.i slept sound and in the morning the monitor of my once working place buzzed in,as he did yesterday to my baby's mother's home just before i arrived there to informed me visit the office.i admitted it but can't help sleeping till its alarmed me again.so i put on and visit the office,where the monitor handed me 100 yuan as member of technocrat association of qrrs,and let me registered myself as an applicant for aid of financial problem.the former was meanless,just a way of chinese educated group to differenciated them from the labor workers to fool themselves to contented,and as a way of bureaucrat to manage all strange interest groups constrained themselves within financial interests.the monitor had stamped instead of me,against my disagreement once i explained to him when he asked for my stamp in his hand in my absence.the aid application also a concoct,or even a plot of dog,without my permission in advance.i just did what he suggested,registered my baby as my dependent applying for aid.i needn't the aid and on the way i wondered if i can handed it to charity but i m not sure if i bother the all process.i dozed in the dorm till 3 pm on bed.then i listened radio and wandered in room till dinner time.dinner was my only meal today, and i paid 4 rmb for extra food.then i rested on bed,waiting for cafe to allow overnight service.i sensed hostility and spying around trying to penetrating me.the host of a program titled ' college pioneer ' really mediocre,but they can't be smarter and cuter in nowadays media for young people.when its near 9 pm i walked about a mile to the newly open cafe where i avoided last overnight.this time lcds were available and i picked one.dog bited nearby heavily but later some near me left.but babbling gangsters lingered and one of them approached my neighbor seat.
that's my two days.i will stayed here tonight,no matter beseiged with threats and spies.i enjoyed working on my schema and the fresh dawn in sight after several hours.
bye.i love u.in night and in bright.ur figure even dim in the view forehead.and i don't know how u get along with ur task currently,like academy and job perspective.kiss u with tear.i love u.like the surest star in dawn sky,qimingxing(the star to tell dawn) in chinese,or Phosphor in western.kiss u again.

Monday, January 08, 2007

2007.1.7:snow overnight,bright sunny full day.today is a pale day.

after returning to the dorm i tried to rest some time in the threats of dog nearby.after 11 am i launched to see my baby.the grandma and the kid sister there with my baby walking at the waiting room.the lunch including a large fish,and i drank beer with it the grandma open to add flavor to cook fish.i also let my baby tasted some and the rest was taken by his mother not to let me fed my baby with it.soon she felt faint with its alcohol.she had to attending her school for its students now taking term exams in weekends.i commented china now use illegally the children labor of students overtimely.after lunch i busied awhile to sort my downloaded to pc and my baby hampered me.the old sisters left to shower,so i gave up pc and cared my baby.my baby slept in my songs and slept for more than an hour,which was overstated by the kid sister.after my baby woke up after 3:30 pm i felt very sleepy,likely threatened heavily,just before the sisters arrived.then the kid sister prepared my showering tools,including the mop and teeth brushed and towel she used.i ditched teeth brush and the mop,just picked the soup,shampoo and towel.i bought a mop at the common bathroom,costing 2 yuan.the bathroom increased its price to 3.5 yuan now.just when i uncoated myself,a doggie was let into the room and sniff around me.i strode to drive it away and know its a plot of dog.when i started shower,the dog of the nearby independent large house of former high rank ccp carder of the railway station barked for sometimes.after returned home i held my baby went out to receive his mother.we ate a ice cream,suggested by the grocer in response of shortage of what my baby asked type.its milk with dry grape in.my baby didn’t eat the grape each time he met.his mother almost miss us and we called her back.at dinner i drank wine and let my baby tasted it.after dinner threatens around let my baby irregular and his mother tried to attracked him with multimedia for baby,but he just bump onto the lcd of the notebook,and let his mother cluelessly.i watched aside and doubting if i should left to alleviate the ill wills cast by dog around in the residential building.his mother finally let me leave,and my baby farewell to me,likely not so welcome.when i arrived the dorm,its a quarter to 9 pm.and i felt so sleepy and i finally didn’t went to cafe to blog.its likely my first time missing a day without blogging it after my adopted my current life style.i turned agile near 0 am and wondered till about 0:47 am and then went to bed directly,with pills taken. i dreamed a lot.in a scene i beset in a daguanyuan (titled after hongloumeng,chinese classic literature)(garden of marvellous views) built by corean.i woke up after 12 am and got up after 2 pm.i wandered awhile in the room then went to renew my borrowed pc mag but the libray was locked so i moved to the workers’ palace.i read some magzines there and a newspaper,’world reference digest(cankaoxiaoxi)’.there r some reports about china’s out-extended activities among africa,to laundry its bubble money.when challenges turned thick with more dogs beseated around me,i finished my reading and haunted the beijing opera lounge.this time less women and man distorted.three old man sang,in the role of fortitude and lonely and enduring heros.the final likely sang in the role of emperor himself.in a moment i felt chinese tradition of history oriented and felt trust onto it,including common people’s witness all seasons as parts of history in the form of opera and folk story.after returned to dorm,i jogged in the yard with fresh snow for about an hour.a girl leaving with baggage and i followed her outside of the gate and felt she was blessed with her hometown,while i had idled for more than 15 years without my hometown.esp.after my grandpa’s leaving i was deserted on this earth.dinner i asked for additional food.that’s my only expense of 4 yuan today on board.in the dorm i just waited for time for cafe overnight.neighbor room started to introduce female.when i arrived the cafe i recently haunted a crowd jammed on the reception desk.i waited for some time.when i peer around and found its lcd was all occupied with 2 near the reception desk was declared booked i shifted to a nearby cafe.its space was highly utilized,very jammed.its front usb port was diabled but i tried the back usb port which working.but my ftp account can’t connected with the servers.so far i busy with blogging,and don’t know how to kill time without warez stuff to play around. bye.i love u.in the afternoon and night i heard lots of songs of goodbye to love.but i insisted getting u,i needn’t a love without u exactly being aside me in my life.i need ur hands in my hands.today is the memory day for the leaving of zhouenlai,the former premier of prc.and the sky was decorated with some clouds and blunt sun.and i know its a merciless day under dog’s threat. kiss u with tear and beer.
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Sunday, January 07, 2007

after first real snow in this winter,smart sunshine all day

last night i posted for more than an hours and charged for 2 yuan.my backup uploaded to my google group at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/benzyrnill succeeded after the last minutes in this cafe now i will spent my third overnight in it tonight with its enviable 19 wide screen lcd,but what i downloaded from the backup files on google all different in size of the original and can’t be unpacked,2 times from different cafes,likely dog broke in my download byte flow.now i registered myself an domestic web disk service provider and my upload now speedy.i also published 2 home movie of my baby today on the skate ground in first real serious snow in this winter and some pictures of my baby onto youtube.com and picasaweb of google.that’s satisfying.
last night i went to bed earlier,after 10 pm.i slept sound and missed urgent in love emotion.i got up at 0:11 am and went to see my baby at once.they had already finished their lunch and my baby insisted my holding him for some time before his mother accept him to let me eat my lunch.after lunch we played the cotton pots,his mother’s once students’ presents,as my baby’s pastime.he also tried to play with knife but later the kid sister took it away.the kid sister laid herself on bed reading.when we felt boring we went to outside.on the skate place in the sports yard,i first laid my baby on the ice ground and started to take out the camera but my baby cried miserablely.so i let him play,push him skating on the ice with his feet projecting forward.he enjoyed silently,and sincerely watched the people aound skating.i later shot some pictures and movies.his mother loathed to shot picture outside recently,refuted me sometimes,including my suggestion at noon.dog aound let me tired when i pust my baby half coutched,but i tried to arrived the other end of the yard and sat on a bench among 2 little girls.we then moved to the south garden.my baby asked for food but the grocer absent.my baby kept solemn all time outside.on the way returning home he asked for icecream.we ated it at once.and he urgent to return,and later i know he was urgent to make water or chill hurt his hands without gloves.after arrived home and finished the ice cream i went to urine with him,he made a abount water after me.and his hands and feet really cold.he enjoyed my holding him out and i love him so.when time near to receive his mother,he disliked to leave so we stayed.the kid son of the kid sister arrived and teased my baby to laugh a lot.when dishes ready,he asked me to feed him with potato and carrot slice.then the mother and the kid son also started to eat.then his mother returned.i explained his son first asked to eat dinner.she cared my baby to eat till my baby didn’t eat.i drank wine.after dinner she told me cafes nowadays insecure,there were incidence of criminal in cafes,including murders.after dinner i started to sort my downloads on the sd card on her notebook and the neighbor monitored me via wireless.my baby was milked and soon slept.so did his mother.i left after finished my work swiftily.i kissed my baby and his mother with sorrow for the challenges around i brought.the dorm room,challenges let me doze.till 8:55 pm i agile and decided to surf the net.on the way i decided to spent overnight in the cafe about 1 mile apart from the dorm zone.in the cafe i was asked to change computer 2 times.so far,i enjoyed my surfing.
bye.i love u.in this pure white world,i recently even eagerer to females,i don’t know which road
leading to u,i just skating in my fate to my destiny.kiss u with fear.i in fact sensed the snow last night.god knows the distance between us.i love u.kiss u again.

Friday, January 05, 2007

foggy sunshine all day

last night i felt enjoyable even i didn’t get workable orneta reader mobile and dog modified files on my udisk at the last moment i unpluged it.my 1g sd card was stuffed,which let me felt reaped.i ate breakfast with plaisure.at room dog bited heavily and i can only shallowly dozed.when its after 11 am i felt restore energy but i didn’t get up.when qrrsers returned to dorm i was bited heavily to doze again.i got up after 1 pm and went to renew my borrowed pc magzine.but he library was locked.so i went to read newspaper.a man ahead of me went to return book,so i avoid him and went to neighbor room to listen beijing opera.the singers were doing their best and i got understand different roles in chinese traditional social relation pattern.when a man sang in the role of female,i stayed there after he finished then left to newspaper room.a young dog with very short hairs sat in front of me biting.the librarains babbled.i enjoyed news about the changes internet brought to the world.after finished reading i again haunted the opera practise.just after a middle aged woman finished singing a man again sang in female role.i know some person distorted in soul don’t fear death,they just want to be gay and enjoyed to be gay.returning to the dorm i felt a bit relief about gay and lesbain.maybe american people right,just let the distorted persons to be distorted,let them be.they r dead,and they glad to fight with livings if condemned.so better way just let them to death.
at dinner i asked for additional amount,with adding 1 yuan as payment.a cop in uniform there already eating.
its a sad and resting day.i wondered a lot about my baby after gay push its way into my consideration.
bye.i love u.in misery.kiss u with beer.

bright sunny day again

its really laughable,cop desperately retarded my getting oneta reader mobile for ppc 2003.it modified my pda os backup and let the reader can’t go to a page more than 40 or more pages and forced me to jumped over 10 or 20 pages times after times to arrive the location of ebook i last read.it ridiculed me but also shown the dog system had ridiculed to what a redicule level.they fool people in the way fooling its dog.

its second time over night in the newly open cafe,with which last time ruin my posting in the mid.the state spent money on this kind of rubbishs,these dogs to burn the deposit of chinese.i had alternative reader but i liked to equipped my pda with two.dog doomed to fail,times and times again.the harness they adopt doomed to break and loose.china and the world waiting a long time to see its ruin so far,till the day i cover them with earth on this futile land over exploited by dog and its dog-head host.i vow to kill them on the day.
last night i posted in a cafe where i can open my googlepages.com and succeeded upload one part of the rar series of my firefox backup.i find some download links within www.pxdxa.com which was blocked for quite some time while recently free of block for me and they edit the files on the fly online and on my harddisk.with a moment after i got it,or even at the time it sat on my harddisk,the cab file was modified and ill working while other files within the available downloadable pack working.dog right near aroud biting me,turning heavily when i started to backup and retrive links to download orneta reader mobile.they monitored me everywhere,just kept barking.they modified my post on the fly when i typing and copying and pasting.shit,god know who will win in the smart world equipped with software and democratic internet.they boast their harness just like last play of pests before the autumn.not only they lose in the smart soft,but they also lose in the social network.they doomed slept with legacy warez under earth,just like as being dog doomed to extingush in the tomorrow world.

last night i wondered in the dorm after 2 am.i got up today at 11:54 am.when i arrived the lunch didn’t finish.after lunch i started to move downloaded stuff to my pc.my baby was milked but when i finished works and went to see him in bedroom he got agile and i cared him playing since then.he played awhile tap water then cooking tools.then the grandma arrived.the kid sister had being slept in the room,left to shop now.the grandma started to tidy the house and manage the stored vegetable.after the kid sister returned my baby was bored into sleep.he slept for about an hour.the kid sister kept watching,they just want to see my baby had problem with sleep and humiliate him like humilated me in my 30’s.just after 4:38 pm i shoke my baby up from low sleep and went out to receive his mother,against the sisters warns and sidewatch.when we bought ice cream his mother missed us and returned home.we stayed in the yard for his mother and left when a colleague of his mother informed us.his mother returned and got angery with us when met us and left alone to home.my baby,however,enjoyed the ice cream very much.dinner was again dumplines.i drank wine and beer.his mother also resumed to normal mood.after dinner i continued my work of customizing firefox settings after updated it to newest edition.the kid son of the kid sister returned and soon shifted to balcony to show their sepreation with me while i working in the room they now occupied.my baby haunted me sometimes but was held aside by his mother and his mother gradually felt hard to deal with my baby’s need to bump and crack to shift the evil will around him.i finished my work duely and tried to pacify his mother.we then ate the remnant of the huge orange and we including our baby enjoyed it.then my baby let me push him riding his bike with which he still too little to operate the paddle.for i worried my bike outside of the building on the ground i left in advance after 8 pm.my baby and his mother all calmed down and farewalled to me gladly.

that’s my nice day.in the dawn i dreamed of liushuyun,my nankai unv.alumni and my one year’s college girlfriend,called our alumni to visit a professor,who had 3 dogs,2 big and a small.she bribed the teacher.she was enrolled by state security bureau after graduate and trickily turned her name in alumni of www.chinaren.com into blank in display while the placeholder visible.i just wondering why she not hide her name totally,not to boast chinese secret cop’s super power penetrating popular webhost among common people.

bye.i enjoyed the wide screen lcd so far in the night.i had nothing to worry about.read or not read on my pda not a question of being.dog doomed to play with its own shadow in the wind.for the summer and for the winter,they danced in their hell day to come.

i love u.with feeling in steering light bolt.kiss u with tear.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

bright day

last night i finished update my firefox portable to newest version and also tried ftp client portable.i was charged 5 yuan a night.returned to dorm i ate my breakfast which fresh for hungery stomache.the rest of morning spent on bed dozing but can’t sleep.after lunch i wandered around the area outside of qrrs,esp.its eastern part directly connected to suburb.along the road mushroomed many small vendors,likely those lost their flat house to qrrsers’ residential zone and had to find a new living.then i wandered about an hour in the sunshine in the tree yard of the dorm area.the benches all rid,banished any open social contact method,like we saw in the summer u practised here.that’s machinery thinking,for their only interest.i met a beautiful young girl with her friend lingered in the road.the rest of the afternoon spent on bed,most time immersed in love emotion.after dinner i intended to surf but on the way a little boy playing cracks and let me felt sorry for my baby,so i headed to see him.there his mother’s kid sister again lean on the bed.she is in fact a prostitude,her most liked poise was laid herself on bed or sofa,like a sex animal.my baby was forced to try to lean against her and she just dirty willed every day.and when my baby crawled across her body she can’t help but open her cell phone.she is really evil and enjoyed being evil.she glad to show in front of us attracting my baby.my baby’s mother would rather stayed in waiting room,and i also soon left to operate the notebook in our bedroom to avoid her nasty show.the grandma and her kid sister watched aside,but the grandma soon left,likely can’t hold.the prostitude later left and proudly declared she would visit tomorrow.she felt she gained,but god know what won and continued to win.i never worry about my baby’s ability.when all challenges within the home settled,neighbors challenges let my baby bumped and made a lot of cracks,let his mother’s nerves almost broken.my baby felt a lot of joyes to strike the ears spying around in the residential building.when he tried he was milked and slept.i left in dark.his mother angery with me and slept on bed,don’t talk to me.but after i left she called me back and handed me a clean bedsheet as planned to replace the current one,and offer me 2 apples when i asked.
we r under stern challenge now.my baby especially threatened.but god’s shine forever cast on our soul and body.we doomed to brace the brighter and brighter future.
bye.i love u.i today sometimes felt ur hostility.kiss u with freer.

special bright sunny day

dog ruined my works after 2 am at which i had worked on for 5 hours.there is no way to avoid its nasty.
last night posted here a newly open cafe successfully with 3 yuan for 2 hours.after returning to the dorm i was trentched by temptations and fought with it.rotten rat rabbled lately and first time ingnored my sleep and chatting lasted for about 2 hours after i went to bed.i went to bed after 0 am and got up at 11:14 am.my grand father appeared awhile in my dream.when i arrived,the kid sister first time shown in proper mood.i kissed my baby’s leg.soon his mother arrived.lunch was rich and she told me yesterday they prepared lots of delicious foods and some of them missed me.after lunch she went to shower.the kid sister slept in the room locked.the neighbors constantly probing my relation with my baby,my god,they tried to seperate my baby from me.my baby then started to play with scattering rice onto the floor,just echoed my grand father’s ask in my prevous dream.when his mother returned and catch sight of the mess she got angery and demanded my leave or cleaning the floor.i didn’t acted upon,but started to sort files on my udisk and sd card.when my baby and his mother woke up from bedroom,i started to clean the floor with air cleanner.then i emptied the stuffed cleaner and let his mother happy.then the grandma arrived and started to wash.the kid son of the kid sister also returned and cooked with his mother.later we ate dinner,including a soup.we drank wine.i felt in mood to share and turned talkative with them.my baby finished his dinner first then the kid son.we couples and the old sisters chatted on the table on balcony.then i visited my baby and found he was fed by the kid son peacefully.i stayed awhile and let the kid son unease and laid himself to bed.my baby later played with standing onto lofty stacked mats and stepped down and found lots of joyes.his mother or the grandma bought me a new thick trousers and i praised it.we all enjoyed  a huge orange his mother bought.my baby ate quite some.after returned to the dorm,i felt again temptations.i reviewed my love for the girl fang(square) when i there in nankai unv. preparing my entrance exam for master degree candidate.i don’t know if she got married or kept single,had a child or not.i had reiterate the process of my broken heart with love for her and the process of my can’t live with her after returning to my hometown and finally got sleeplessly and refused to trust anyone and being forced to be treated in asylum.in my view,each time i got mad was in fact i died in heart and can’t live with the routine life and still can live with losing all the settings i beset,to escape for freedom.i also told my story with qrrs,my once working place in the process of my second falling into asylum.dog clearly knew why they ruin my blogging in the mid.
i even more assured i m near my kingdom to reclaim and to recover.temptation never can hide the reality that the highly enjoyed now threatening me,and my threat to they,who had judged others’ lives so far so scar,for they r not the judge,but the object of judge.
dog in this new cafe allowed me accessed more warez stuff within domestic ftp sites,while foraign sites heavily blocked or retarded.they allowed my uploading a clip shot today of my baby with his parents but defied other 2.its liked a bargain but it didn’t start from tonight.temptation was one of its harness.
bye.i love u.in sunshine,in this overnight,in the bright moon light these
night.kiss u with beer.
my baby today.

Monday, January 01, 2007

sunny day till dark

posting to my blogs costed me 2 hours and more in the cafe at noon,till after 12 am.dog blocked my uploading to google and forced me haunted far to find a cafe in their casual absence to upload.so far i uploaded my user data to my yahoo account.but youtube.com still blocked.returned to the dorm i had to eat lunch at the nearby pub,costing me 7 yuan for 2 fishes.in the room i rest myself on bed and started to tired a pdf reader just got from the web on my pda.then dog nearby via wireless hacked my pda heavily.i tried several ways including registry editing and reinstallation but all in vain.they likely modified the installation cab on my sd card within a day.after i started to customize my pda’s connection setting in the aim to falsified it flocks of qrrser in the dorm launched to leave.i waited on bed till dinner time.i ate dinner in the canteen with a bottle of beer.then i walked a mile to a new cafe to upload.now dog blocked groups-beta.google.com not to let me upload while groups.google.com accessible previously.they just lost all their means and basic politeness to guise their ugly appearance.on the way a minicar of cop blocked my way and i spitted to it and cursed.in the cafe a cop in uniform sat right near the entrance.shits,what a laugh.they want to know their presence but also know nothing can change me,change my cling to my kingdom and my god.nothing can change the rule of heaven.what they can do,beside this?they just marched like a shadow gay around me and they did shadow me sometimes.that’s all the Sun witness on my march toward my brilliant future,my unity with u in near timespace.
i likely got what i needed.bye.i love u.kiss u with beer and fear.
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bright sunny morning

last night the cafe charged me 5 yuan after i surfed 2 hours exactly according my record,but the clerkwoman of the cafe claimed i surfed 2 hours and 5 minutes.i didn’t nothing but post.posting via post2blog or addons of firefox problematic,while quite sometimes succeeded without any problem.the only problem likely the dog captured my posting data package and modified it before it was sent to the world web.most of my google service blocked,esp. googlepages,and gmail where i can upload my files.youtube.com and bloglines.com blocked to death,never displayed a single line after times refresh.dog just need a play before its death.after returned to the dorm i wondered till 0:30 then read ’terrorism between vietnam war and 9.11’,an ebook i got several days ago from ftp stuff,till 1:20 am. i dreamed a lot.first lots of concernings about the health and safety of my baby son.then on the open yard of my hometown village near its entrance i met my second elder sister who arrived to let me know she want to let my baby join a tv baby show or make a solo show of my baby.i strongly opposed it for its would bother my baby.but she left to persuade my baby’s mother.then on the cross of the residential area of my baby’s mother’s home and the railway station,where nearby there is a islamic restaurant farer and a supermarket titled ’kanglefu(healthy marry and wellbeing)’ nearer on the northeast district the cross divided,and where there is a bike repairer whose owner is a thin middle aged man,and on its farest end of its northwest district of the cross divided sits the ’junzhengzhaodaisuo(hotel of army politics)’ where i with my baby and his mother ate once in the summer,i holding a little fish in my palms and tried not to spilt it onto the ground.but it did slipped from my hands to the ground,where a team of building gathered and spoke.the officer asked me about my house but i didn’t reply and walked toward the main street to the center of the city.then i laid myself on bed in a house just on the northwest district where the hotel of army politics sat,and my baby’s mother entered with a woman,i let her near me to tell her my dream but she just want to let my baby show public.the woman followed her likely busy aside to boast a real estate.so i lost my temper and started to chase to beat her,my baby’s mother,like each time she stupidly opposed me and after beat she just lived well with what i ruled.then a crowd of workers marched on the street on the east to west direction of the cross,and i found i sat on a lofty tables stack against the wall of the supermarket of ’kanglefu’ and tried to eat some pickles from a jar aside.the chairman of the workers’ association talked to me.then i searched all rooms for my parents in the old house when its still new in my hometown and only found my grand father weak on the bed of the room where first occupied by our newly married second elder brother’s couples,then where me and my kid brother grown up in the room,i found my grand father almost faint in the quilt and cried.but he ruthly demanded me offer him 1.5 kg rice,or 3 jin in chinese unit,if i can’t find it right hand i can borrow from the wife of eldest brother of him,or of his second elder brother’s eldest son,or of my eldest brother’s.i cried loudly and asked why he suffered starves so long even i remit to my hometown with 1000 yuan or more and my mother told me that’s enough,but he told me that’s not enough.so i hurried to borrow rice from the wife of the eldest son of the second elder brother of my father,her facial express was dubious but she offer a cup with countable rice particles in water.i intended to leave but i asked her why 3 jin rice results so few rice,she replied the rice her family cooking was not ready.that likely all i can remember about the dream in dawn.its my first time crying in dream in front of my grand father.when i open my eyes i found its 9:45 am.i put on and headed here to log it.
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